2 thoughts on “Fungi polysaccharides infographic

  1. Hi Anna,

    Can you please expand on the dosage explanation? For example, how many grams of turkey tail do I need to boil to get the concentration of polysaccharides to the correct amount so that 3-9 grams per day is providing the desired amount of polysaccharides? When you say 3-9 grams, I assume you are talking about the final extract liquid and that would be synonymous with 3-9 milliliters. Is that correct?

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!




    1. Hi Jeff, sorry this isn’t clear. I am referring to dried mushroom weight before extraction or 1:1 powdered extract weight. If you are preparing your own turkey tail medicine you will weigh the dried mushrooms and then simmer them in water. You will then have to calculate how many grams of mushroom there is per ml of water. If you start with 1000ml water and 10g mushrooms, this is a 1:100 extract and you will need to drink 100ml of extract to get the equivalent of 1g of mushroom medicine. If you want to calculate polysaccharides per dose, you can assume about 30% of that is polysaccharide (more or less depending on the mushroom)


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